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© Florian Merdes Badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe

The audience is the performer; City is the theatre.
The epitome of documentary theatre: an experience tailor made for Taipei.

With our high expectation, Rimini Protokoll with the production Remote Taipei is finally coming!
For this special program, we offer English version on 9/8-9/10. Check out our official website for more information here: https://goo.gl/Zv5Wio

How can I buy the English version?
1. You have to fill out the reservation form :  https://goo.gl/vUHKR7
2. You will receive an email from Taipei Arts Festival to confirm if the tickets you want are available.
3. Please reply as soon as you get the confirmation email. (The tickets are sold quickly, it’s too hard to hold on tickets for you.)
4. Pay and pick up the tickets at one of the following locations:
* TAF booth
* TAF office
You will find more details in the confirmation email we send.

Important note:
1. The tickets must be picked up in advance or we will NOT reserve the tickets for you.
2. We only accept cash for these tickets.

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