2017 Taipei Arts Festival’s international coproduction "Taipei Notes" has invited the most important stage designer in Japan, Itaru Sugiyama, to perform stage design for the production. Itaru Sugiyama’s design, which attaches heavy importance to ‘communication’ and ‘collective creation’, uses minimalist elements to create wondrous and abundant visuals. This workshop invites Itaru Sugiyama to share his experience while also using the production of "Taipei Notes" as a foundation for discussion and collective creative brainstorming.
※ This topic of this workshop is related to the stage design of Taipei Notes. The creative ideas presented by attendees during their time in the workshop may be used as inspiration for the stage design of Taipei Notes.

Lecturer: Itaru Sugiyama
Sugiyama started his career at Seinendan Theatre Company, directed by Oriza Hirata, while at International Christian University. After graduation, he visited Italy as a trainee under the overseas study program for upcoming artists of the Agency for Cultural Affairs. Companies he has worked with include; Seinendan, CHITEN, Sample, Tegami-za, Dance Theatre LUDENS and Motoko Hirayama.
He has also worked on the musicals The Prince of Tennis, The Marriage of Figaro and Don Giovanni by Nissei Opera, and Stilles Meer at Staatsoper Hamburg, Germany, and taught many scenography workshops. In recent years, in addition to performing stage design for Seinendan, he has also been renovating theatres.
Awards include; Best Scenography Award at International Theater Festival in Cairo 2006 for Rutsubo (CHITEN), and at the 21st Yomiuri Theater Awards in 2014.
Workshop Times and Location
Times: 2017/07/02 – 2017/07/03; 10:00-17:00 daily
Location: 3F Lecture Hall, Puppetry Art Center of Taipei 
Registration Eligibility and Space
Space: 20 students total; Priority will be given to students or applicants with background experience in design, stage design or the performing arts.
Language: The entire workshop will be conducted in Japanese with simultaneous interpretation in Mandarin.
Cost: Free, with a required security deposit of 1,500 NTD that will be refunded upon completion of the workshop.
Registration Schedule
Registration Period: (Taiwan Time) 2017/05/24 12:00 – 2017/06/12 12:00; all applications must be made online (LINK).
Results Announced: Prior to (Taiwan Time) 2017/06/16 18:00 on the Taipei Arts Festival website under Latest News.
Registration Process
1. Prior to the registration deadline, complete the online registration form(LINK), fill out your CV and answer the registration questions, and submit your application.
2. Applications will be reviewed and results will be announced prior to 2017/06/16 18:00. A total of 20 applicants will be admitted and 5 will be placed on a wait list. Accepted applications will also receive instructions on submitting the security deposit (1,500 NTD) via email and SMS.
1. Creative content and ideas produced within this workshop might be used as a material for the stage design of the production of "Taipei Notes".
2. Cost: Free. Accepted applicants must submit their 1,500 NTD security deposit by 2017/06/20 17:00, otherwise, their spots will consider forfeit and offered to wait-listed applicants.
3. Students attending the workshop must complete all two days of the course without any unexcused absences in order to receive their deposit back on 2017/07/03. Those that do not meet this requirement will forfeit their deposit.
4. The Festival reserves the right to change details of the workshop as necessary. If changes are made prior to registration results being announced, they will be made public on the website, if not then they will be directly communicated to attending students.