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About Stefan Kaegi
Stefan Kaegi produces documentary theatre plays, radio shows and works in the urban environment in a diverse variety of collaborative partnerships. Using research, public auditions and conceptual processes, he gives voice to ‘experts' who are not trained actors but have something to tell. Since 2014 he adapts the immersive Audio Walk “Remote X” into such different urban landscapes and contexts as Santiago de Chile, Taipei, Moscow, Abu Dhabi or New York.

Kaegi co-produces works with Helgard Haug and Daniel Wetzel, under the label “Rimini Protokoll”. Rimini Protokoll's purpose is to pry apart the sense of reality and present all its facets from unusual perspectives.

The lectures will be conducted in English and German with a Mandarin interpreter present.

Co-ordinated:   Goethe-Institut Taipei

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