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This workshop is tailored towards those who deal with leadership and decision-making within theatre and theatre workers wishing to help artists complete their productions.

Drawing from her experience in France and abroad, Anne de Amezagawill reflect on the structuringof a production, maintaining relationships with collaborators and co-producers, working with and under institutions, international touring, and the audience relationship.

An emphasis will be placed on the importance of long-term dedication as the only method of fostering an understanding of one’s work and establishing and maintaining stable working relationships.

The most crucial aspect is ‘timing’: things should not be rushed but they cannot be too slow moving; one should fully commit oneself to the production process, find collaborators that fit the moment, and leave time for reflection and adjustment.

About Anne de Amezaga
Anne de Amezaga currently resides in Paris where she has produced for two theatres and collaborated with over a dozen French directors. She began her work with Joël Pommerat in 17 years ago. Currently she is one of the partner directors of la Compagnie Louis Brouillard. She defines her role as that of a creator’s partner, focusing on managing public relations, press, and administrative affairs. From 2008 onward she has collaboratively managed Pommerat’s theatre. Her workcomprises production, international touring, and managing affairs with supervisory organizations. In recent years her focus has shifted towards the area of foreign production and promotion, particularly with the management of translation and subtitling.Since 2004, la Compagnie Louis Brouillard has staged 300 performances outside of France and their works have been translated into 38 languages. Two of their works, Cendrillon and Pinocchio, have been staged at National Taichung Theatre.

Workshop Size and Qualifications: 
Total participants: 15, and limited for performing arts production experience 2 years or more.
Submissions from other Chinese speaking regions outside of Taiwan are welcome.

Workshop Details:
Cost: Free; each participant must pay a 2000NT security deposit that will be returned after completion of the workshop.
Language: The lectures will be conducted in French with a Mandarin interpreter present.

Registration Process:
  • Please download and fill out the registration form (link); required information includes a personal CV and questionnaire. Please be written in English and Chinese. 
  • Each applicant should submit application electronically within the designated registration period from now till June 20th 12:00PM (GMT+8). Contact address is: aatse@taipeifestival.org; Please title the application email: 2017臺北藝術節 劇場製作人工作坊報名表.
  • Prior to July 14th 12:00, 15 applicants will be selected to attend, and another 5 will be waitlisted as alternates. These applicants will be notified via email and text message and asked to pay the deposit.

  • There is no cost associated with this course, but a mandatory deposit of $2,000NT must be paid prior to July 21st 17:00. Those who do not pay the deposit in time or at all, will forfeit their seat which will be immediately offered to those on the waiting list. 
  • Absence from the class will result in the forfeiture of the entire deposit with no exceptions.
  • This workshop will be conducted in French with a Mandarin interpreter present to translate and facilitate communication and student expression. 
  • Taipei Arts Festival reserves the right to change the details of the workshop if necessary. If discrepancies occur prior to June 20th, they will be posted online; if changes are made after June 20th, attendees will be informed individually.