About Anne de Amezaga

Anne de Amezaga currently resides in Paris where she has produced for two theatres and collaborated with over a dozen French directors. She began her career at the age of 17 working under Joel Pommerat. Currently she is one of the partner directors of la Compagnie Louis Brouillard. She defines her role as that of a creator’s partner, focusing on managing public relations, press, and administrative affairs. From 2008 onward she has collaboratively managed Pommerat’s theatre. Her workcomprises production, international touring, and managing affairs with supervisory organizations. In recent years her focus has shifted towards the area of foreign production and promotion, particularly with the management of translation and subtitling.Since 2004, la Compagnie Louis Brouillard has staged 300 performances outside of France and their works have been translated into 38 languages. Two of their works, Cendrillon and Pinocchio, have been staged at National Taichung Theatre.