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This workshop will be lead by Laos-born French artist Loo Hui Phang. Working around the three principle axes of “family relationships”, “migration”, and “exile”, students will examine life and memory in relation to Taiwan as a piece of land, and then continue on to create their own text and narrative.

Note: The topics of these texts will be related to the narrative of Outside. The narratives that participants create will be vehicles for the documentation of life in Taiwan, and will be used as reflection and nourishment for this work.

About Outside
At the end of the 19th century Loo Hui Phang’s paternal great-grandfather left Guangdong headed for Taiwan. Only when he was already miles out to sea, looking at the receding port of Hong Kong, did he realize he had boarded the wrong boat. Several days later, he disembarked in Saigon and began to work on a new plan.

One century later, Loo Hui Phang was born in Savannakhet, Laos. The dictatorship forced her family to flee to France where they lived in exile. It was these events that resulted in her French upbringing, where she studied and consequently became an author and director.

If Loo Hui Phang’s great grandfather hadn’t boarded the wrong ship, what might have happened? What life would he have made for himself in Taiwan? And his future generations, including a hypothesized Loo Hui Phang, what might have become of them?

Outside is a reinterpretation of history. It is her hypothesis concerning this imagined family that exists in a parallel imagined world. By combining performance and video installation, she initiates a dialogue with the members of this Taiwanese family, examining in-depth the concepts of self-identity, (im/em)migration and territory.

About Loo Hui Phang
Loo Hui Phang was born Laos in 1974. She grew up in Normandy where she studied Literature and Cinema. Writer, scriptwriter and film maker, she made her first graphic novel with belgian artist Cédric Manche in 2004, Panorama. She made a cinematographic adaptation of this book, produced by Arte. The movie was awarded in Turino Film Festival in 2008.

Loo Hui Phang loves to tell stories, in every way. Through comics, theatre, cinema, literature, installations and performances, she develops a reflection about narration. With many collaborations (Michel Houellebecq, Rodolphe Burger, Moriarty, Hugues Micol, Philippe Dupuy, François Olislaeger, Mickaël Sterckeman, Frederik Peeters...), she builds a path which crosses different artistic territories, but haunted by recurring themes : identity, desire, oddity. The Angoulême International comics festival 2017 dedicated a exhibition to her work.

More about Loo Hui Phang at  http://www.loohuiphang.com/

Workshop and Registration Details:
Workshop Duration and Times: 2017/07/18 to 2017/07/20 from 10:00-17:00 daily
Location: Multi-purpose Auditorium, Sun Yun-Suan Memorial Museum

Registration Eligibility and Space:
Space: 20 students total, there are no restrictions on social nor educational background, but students must be able to communicate and compose prose in English.
Language: The entire workshop will be conducted in English and French with supplemental Chinese interpretation offered.
Cost: Free, with a required security deposit of 2,000 NTD that will be refunded upon completion of the workshop.

Registration Schedule:
Registration Period: (Taiwan Time) 2017/05/16 12:00 until 2017/06/16 12:00; all applications must be made online.
Results Announced: Prior to (Taiwan Time) 2017/06/27 12:00 on the Taipei Arts Festival website under Latest News (link).

Registration Process:
  1. Download the registration form (link), fill out your CV and answer the registration questions.
  2. Submit your completed registration form to lichen@taipeifestival.org using the following email subject: 2017Taipei Arts Festival Textual Construction Workshop Registrati
  3. Applicants will be audited and results will be announced prior to 2017/06/27 12:00. In total 20 applicants will be admitted and 5 will be placed on a wait list. Admitted applicants will receive an email instructing them to pay the 2,000 NTD deposit.
  4. Each person in the workshop to bring a personal objects or photos linked to their memories, or to the notions of "exile", "family", "identity".

  1. Texts and documents produced within this workshop may then be used as material which will appear in this year’sTaipei Arts Festival work-in-progress program Outside
  2. Cost: Free, but potential participants must submit their 2,000 NTD security deposit by 2016/07/04 17:00, otherwise their spots will be considered forfeited and wait listed applications will be invited.
  3. Students attending the workshop must complete all three days of the course without any unexcused absences in order to receive their deposit back on 2016/07/20. Those that do not meet this requirement will forfeit their deposit.
  4. The Festival reserves the right to change details of the workshop as necessary. If changes are made prior to registration results being announced, they will be made public on the website, if not then they will be directly communicated to attending students.