Aside from the inside of the theatre, where else can the performing arts exist? Paris, well known for the role it has played in the development ofthe contemporary performing arts, has now spearheaded community theatre and community theatre policy. Differing from other performances in its nonprofessional nature, community theatre requires a comparatively larger time investment to prepare, but consequently its highly interactive naturemanifests the beneficial power of the performing arts in the fields of culture and education.

In 2012, Yilin YANG begin collaborating with Compagnie des Baroudeurs and for five years now has continued her program to promote the ‘interactive sharing of the fairy tales of the world’. Staging 30 performances throughout the year, the theatre collaborates with community residents to perform together. In addition to staging public performances in different locations in the community, they also bring theatre into the home of residents and perform family-oriented theatre exercises.

In this workshop, Yilin YANG will draw from her five years of experience to work with local theatre professionals to extend, refine, and stimulate the possibility of community theatre and community theatre productions. The workshop will also feature drilling in interactive fairy tale theatre performance, and simulate how different communities might develop cultural activities and community theatre. We hope that participants will leave the workshop with filled with boundless enthusiasm, ready to interact with theatre in the next stage of their life.

What opportunities does theFrench Community Theatre Workshop offer? 
  • Acquaint yourself with French Community Theatre and practice the realization of cultural activities; use this as a reference point for developing community theatre in Taiwan.
  • Familiarize yourself with fairy tales and other forms of interactive theatre for use in a community theatre environment.
  • Practice the use of community theatre as a tool for cultural transmission and education, and establishing communication and interaction between city residents.

About Yilin YANG
Graduating from National Tsing Hua University in Taiwan, and from the University of Paris 3 in France, Yilin joined unexpectedly Richard Demarcy’s theatre company in 2015, and lived and played professionally in France ever since.

As the same time as she toured with the company, Yilin had been attending the Ecole Claude Mathieu for three years. After graduating from this acting school in 2008, she started to play in front of the camera, and participated in several TV shows and movies. Since 2013, she builded up a closed partnership with Fabianny Deschamps and has hold main characters in two of her movies New Territories and Isola, selected for the Acid selection of the Cannes Film Festival in 2014 and 2016 respectively.

In theatres, she continues to play with Richard Demarcy, and also works with other french directors such as Malik Rumeau, Gilberte Tsai, Jean-Claude Berutti, Thierry Delhomme, Philippe Adrien...Besides her acting, she also leads a cultural projet Conte-Partage, interactive tales of the world in underprivileged districts of Paris, for which her company CO.DE.BAR is supported by Paris’s council.

Workshop and Registration Details:
Workshop Duration and Times: 2017/07/11 to 2017/07/13 from 10:00-17:00 daily
Location: Multi-purpose Auditorium, Sun Yun-Suan Memorial Museum

Registration Eligibility and Space:
Space: 20 students total. Not restricted based on social or education background or age, but participants should be theatre professionals who have an interest in community cultural events or community theatre.
Language: The workshop will be instructed in Mandarin.
Cost: Free, with a required security deposit of 2,000 NTD,which will be refunded upon completion of the workshop.

Registration Schedule:
Registration Period: (Taiwan Time) 2017/05/16 12:00 until 2017/06/16 12:00; all applications must be made online.
Results Announced: Prior to (Taiwan Time) 2017/06/27 12:00 on the Taipei Arts Festival website under Latest News (link).
Registration Process:
  1. Download the registration form (link), fill out your CV and answer the registration questions.
  2. Submit your completed registration form to lichen@taipeifestival.org using the following email subject: French Community Theatre Workshop Registrati.
  3. Applicants will be audited and results will be announced prior to 2017/06/27 12:00. In total 20 applicants will be admitted and 5 will be placed on a wait list. Admitted applicants will receive an email instructing them to pay the 2,000 NTD deposit.

  1. Cost: Free, but potential participants must submit their 2,000 NTD security deposit by 2017/07/04 17:00, otherwise their spots will be considered forfeited and wait listed applications will be invited.
  2. Students attending the workshop must complete all three days of the course without any unexcused absences in order to receive their deposit back on 2016/07/13. Those that do not meet this requirement will forfeit their deposit.
  3. The Festival reserves the right to change details of the workshop as necessary. If changes are made prior to registration results being announced, they will be made public on the website, if not then they will be directly communicated to attending students.