From: TEDxTaipei(2014.01.07)

Singer, Winner of Golden Melody Award’s Best Aboriginal Artist

Jie-Xin Lu, Sanpuy Katatepan Mavaliyw, comes from an ancient tribe."My name is Sanpuy, my grandpa was named Sanpuy, and so is my grand’s grand. The previous Sanpuy will remain and pass on to the later Sanpuy." Each Sanpuy has his own responsibility in his era, and to him, is to let the world hear the wisdom of the Taiwanese aborigines’ music and culture.

After the 921 earthquake took place in 1999, Sanpuy toured around with Taiwan Aboriginal World Music Workshop (, helped many aboriginals to stand back on their feet.  Sanpuy continued recording and performing around the world with other aboriginal musicians, which enhanced his bound with the tribe and aboriginal music.

For many years, Sanpuy has been not only creating and prolonging the aboriginal music, but also cultivating the new generation of the traditional music talents, to let the world hear the music of Taiwanese Aboriginal music. He seeks to let the music continuing be by the offspring side, also let all the friends from around the world to be able to breathe together, let the flame of life to continue burn.