From: TEDxTaipei(2014.08.01)

〈My Dear〉 by is led by Ho Hsiao-Mei and performed by MeimageDance, developing unique body vocabulary through in-depth exploration on “humans" and “puppets" over time. Through changes of teach coats and the human body, a slanted surface, the strange combination of a female body and male legs, Ho Hsiao-Mei uses surreal images to create surprising stage effects to represent emotions deep inside one’s sub-consciousness.

Hailed as the “master of creating surreal imaginations," mid-career choreographer Ho Hsiao-Mei founded MeimageDance in 2010. The troupe was founded in the spirit of highlighting a distinct style that reflect both dance and visual culture. Beginning in 2011, the group launched the Button *New Choreographer project, which mainly invites dancer living abroad to return to their home country to produce and perform, as well as share their experiences abroad.