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2017/09/15 (Fri) 19:30 

2017/09/16 (Sat) 14:30 

2017/09/16 (Sat) 19:30 

2017/09/17 (Sun) 14:30 


120minutes without intermission; doors will open 15 minutes prior to performance.


1200, 1500


In Mandarin with English surtitles.

Beginning on 6/21, Voleur de Feu Theatre members will enjoy a 10% discount.


Wheelchair AccessRampSubtitleAccessible ToiletAccessible Elevator

Buy tickets Famed Android series director Oriza HIRATA…
Winner of the Kishida Prize for Drama…

In collaboration with 20 Taiwanese actors…
A coproduction between Taipei Arts Festival and TPAM

In the lobby of an art museum in the near future, fragmentary conversations in front of paintings, including those of Vermeer that have been evacuated from a war reveal problems and crises of the modern society. Taipei Notes, in collaboration with Taipei-based Voleur du Feu Theatre, is a new adaptation of Tokyo Notes (KishidaKunio Drama Award in 1994) by Oriza HIRATA. It was inspired by the movie Tokyo Story by Yasujiro OZU that has been translated into 15 languages and presented across the world. The 20-Taiwanese performer cast were selected from more than 250 applicants.

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Title Truth or Dare? A Dialogue Between Curator and Theatre
Time 07/29(Sat) 15:00-16:30
Venue eslite xin yi store 3F Forum
SpeakerHsiu-Wei LIN/Producer and administrative director of Contemporary Legend Theatre
Tung-Ning HSIEH/Leader of Voleur du Feu Theatre
Yi-Wei KENG/ Artistic Director of Taipei Arts Festival

Voleur du Feu Theatre, Taiwan
Oriza HIRATA, Japan

Voleur du Feu Theatre

Voleur du Feu Theatre was founded in 2013 by Artistic Director Tung-Ning HSIEH. The name of the company was inspired by the Greek myth, in which Prometheus stole fire from Zeus to benefit human beings, aiming to bring the warmth through theatre works into the public. It predominantly focuses on producing new creations with ethnic Chinese perspectives, New Writing Plays, and adaption of classical scripts from contemporary perspectives, aiming to respond to territory, emotion, identity and social reality. The artistic approach of the company has attempted to integrate to the trend of world theatre, presenting the company rooted in locality yet shaped by global vision.


Playwright/Director: Oriza HIRATA

Born in 1962, in Tokyo, Oriza HIRATA is a playwright and theatre director. He manages the Seinendan theatre company and the Komaba Agora Theatre, while also teaching at the Osaka University Center of the Study of Communication-Design. Oriza HIRATA has developed a completely new theatrical style with his Seinendan company, which he founded in 1982. This new style has had a strong influence on Japanese theatre since the 1990s, in disciplines as vast as literature or linguistics. He is also active in the field of pedagogy, and his method has been included in official Japanese textbooks for middle schools since 2002, primary schools since 2011, and many students stage his plays in their classes. Moreover, Oriza HIRATA has played a fundamental role by actively bringing regional theatre companies to Tokyo audiences for nearly twenty years. He is one of the most influential figures in contemporary Japanese theatre, working regularly with international artists, notably in France, with Frederic Fisbach, Arnaud Meunier, and Laurent Gutmann. As author of nearly thirty plays – among them Tokyo Notes (1995 Kishida Kunnio Prize) and Citizens of Seoul – he recently adapted and staged Three Sisters, Android Version, based on Chekhovf's play in 2012 at the Theatre de Gennevilliers, as part of the Festival d'Automne in Paris.
(Photo credit: Tsukasa Aoki)

Production team

Playwright/ Director: Oriza HIRATA
Producer: Tung-Ning HSIEH
Project Manager: Chiung-Yao CHIU
Dramaturg: Yu-Pin LIN
Script Adaptation: Tian-Ya LIU
Script Adaptation Assistant: Wan-Ting SHEN
Interpreter: Liang-Hui SHEN
Executive Producer: Chen-Chun LIU
Production Assistant: Cheng-Shian HUANG and Yi-Ling CHEN

Stage Designer: Itaru SUGIYAMA
Lighting Designer: Cheng-Wei TENG
Visual Design/ Photographer and Photo Credit: Chang-Huei GE
Costume Design: Shih-Chang LIN
Hair & Makeup Design: Chia-Chi LEE
Makeup : Wei-Chun CHANG (Amychic Makeup Studio)

Stage Manager: Ting-Ting CHANG
Rehearsal Assistant: Chang-Hsu CHEN

Su-Feng CHIU, Chuan WANG, Hung-Chang CHU, Lawrence ONG, Chia-Kuei CHEN, Ying-Hsuan HSIEH, Po Ting CHEN, Zi-Heng LIN, Yin-Chen CHENG, Chie TANAKA, Shin-Yi CHAOHsin CHEN, Li-Wen HSU, Yung-Yen KU, Hao-Lan LIANG, Hsuan-Che YANG, Yi-En CHEN, Chia-En YANG, He-Shiuan JIANG and Tzu-Yi FANG

Stage Design Concept Generation:
I-Hsuan CHIU, Chu-Hsun HSIEH, Hsing-En CHIEN, Yi-Chun LAI, Hsuan-Hsun CHENG, Amber CHEN, Yu-Wen CHEN, Yi-An LIN, Yi-Ju CHOU, Pei-Chun PAN, Yu-Hsuan SHI, Eric Yang, I-Fang CHUNG, John Carlo V. Pagunaling, Yue-Tai TSAI, Yi-Tai CHUNG, Ing-Ping KE, Kuan-Jung LAI, Yang-Ching SU, Ching-Ting CHEN

*The production is supported by the "Rainbow Initiative" from the Ministry of Culture of Republic of China (Taiwan).



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