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    Newly created traditional drama


    2017/09/15 (Fri) 19:30 

    2017/09/16 (Sat) 19:30 

    2017/09/17 (Sun) 14:30 


    145 minutes with 15 mins intermission.


    500, 800, 1200, 1600, 1800, 2000


    In Taiwanese with Mandarinand English surtitles.

    From 6/21 Yi Shin Taiwanese Opera Troupe members will enjoy a 10% discount.


    Wheelchair AccessRampSubtitleAccessible ToiletAccessible Elevator

    Buy tickets When Taiwanese Opera meets a European Opera director for the first time.
    International artists unite for this light comedy in classic Seven-word song style.

    Hazardous Games around Hearts and Arrows is the first collaboration of Yi Shin Taiwanese Opera Troupe and a foreign director.  Adapted from the work by the 18-century famous playwright Marivaux who liked to emphasize the characteristics of actors / actresses, the detailed emotions and mental analysis to dissect human nature with his own language, this artistic collaboration between director Lukas Hemleb and Yi Shin is surely to begin a new chapter for the Taiwanese operas. 

    The story begins with an engaged couple who was not willing to obey the marriage arrangement decided by their parents. Four young men and women falling in love with the wrong persons, and 6 carefully-organized plans have created this “surprise of love ” ── a unique romance comedy.

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    Free Forum

    Title Making Room for Innovation in Traditional Opera
    Time 07/02(Sun) 15:30-17:00
    Venue Eslite Bookstore Dunnan Store B2
    SpeakerBo-Shen LU/Tainaner Ensemble, Artistic Director
    Fu-Rui SUN/Yi Shin Taiwanese Opera Troupe, Executive Director
    Shih-Pei SUN/Yi Shin Taiwanese Opera Troupe, Influential Member

    Yi Shin Taiwanese Opera Troupe, Taiwan
    Lukas Hemleb, Europe

    Yi Shin Taiwanese Opera Troupe

    The name of Yi Shin Taiwanese Opera Troupe means “united we stand”, brilliantly incorporating its founding spirit and has never been forgotten by its members since its establishment more than 30 years ago. 
    The troupe members have always maintained their ambition to produce good dramas and constantly improved themselves by producing many widely-loved Taiwanese operas which are highly praised by many experts.  One of the scholars said, “ their performance displays the director’s style; an indoor performance filled with so much dramatic tensions.” 

    Today, we can still see the former head of the troupe Rong-Hui SUN busy helping around; however most of the administrative affairs and drama production have been handed over to Mr. Fu-Rui SUN, the family’s 2nd generation, making Yi Shin a Taiwanese Opera troupe that “ integrates traditions and modernity while never ceasing to improve its performances and ideas.”


    Director: Lukas Hemleb

    Lukas Hemleb was born in Frankfurt. In 1985 he made his debut as Director in Germany and Belgium. He then moved to France where he soon started to be known for his work directing in theaters such as L’Odéon, La Comédie Francaise, MC 93 de Bobigny, Théâtre de Gennevilliers, TGP in St Denis, Théâtre des Abbesses, Théâtre Vidy-Lausanne, and in Austria at the Burgtheater in Vienna. In these years he also worked on theatre projects in Cameroun and Nigeria.

    In Opera his range of repertory includes contemporary works as well as great operas by Verdi and Mozart. He also focused on Baroque repertoire such as Telemaco by Alessandro Scarlatti in Schwetzinger Festspiele (2005) and revived in Düsseldorf, Duisburg and Heilbronn, Ariodante by Haendel at Théâtre des Champs-Elysées (2007) and revived in Vienna (2008) and Niobe, regina di Tebe by Agostino Steffani again in Schwetzingen, in Lisbon, London (Royal Opera House Covent Garden) and Luxembourg. In 2010 he directed Giulio Cesare by Haendel at Opera Dortmund.

    In 2017 he will continue his collaboration with Asian artists, directing the Taiwanese Yi Xin Opera Company for a musical adaptation of a Marivaux comedy: Ai Meng Long - Ren Meng Long (Le jeu de l’amour et du hasard) that will be performed in Taipei’s famous Zhong Shan Tang Theater from September 15th to 17th during the Taipei Arts Festival in 2017.

    Playwright: Fu-Ruei SUN

    Graduated from the Department of Philosophy, Soochow University, Mr. SUN grew up in a theatrical family that nurtured his interests in creating traditional dramas. He has created many Taiwanese opera scripts that were performed in big theatre houses in recent years. He is not only the first playwright who dares to discuss the homosexual love in traditional Taiwanese operas but also the first one to adapt Chinese/ western classics into Taiwanese operas. He even collaborated with famous writer Ms. Man-Juan ZHANG, beginning a new chapter for the cross-field collaboration in Taiwanese operas. As the CEO of Yi-Shin, since he took over the troupe from his father Mr. Rong-Hui SUN, Yi-Shin that laid its solid foundation in their acrobatic movements has never stopped trying new things and reaching out to young audience and has successfully established new aesthetics for Taiwanese operas. In 2014, it was nominated for the “Best Performance” in The Golden Melody Awards for Traditional Arts and Music and is praised as a creative Taiwanese opera troupe that “possesses traditional and modern elements while its performances and ideas are constantly evolving with time.”

    Actor: Shih-Pei SUN

    On the strength of efforts and the inherited talent, Shin-Pei SUN makes herself conspicuous on the stage in recent years. She is versed in both singing and martial plays, and the shining charming Xiaosheng (role of young male) among the young generation. She has challenged to the demanding classic roles successfully times and again, such as LIU Mingchuan who contributed to Taiwan's modernization, the insane Pang Juan, and ZHU Yuanzhang the radical Emperor; her acting with great accuracy is admirable and draws the audience's emotion. She also inherits father’s mantle to play the Monkey King successfully that becomes a deed worthy of praising far and wide.

    Actor: Shih-Yong SUN

    Growing in the Taiwanese opera family, Shin-Yong SUN made her debut at the age of 10 and formed an indissoluble bond with opera patron. Her truly interpretation of the characters, such as the assassin hero in “The Assassin”, the proud military prodigy in “Tale of the Warring States”, and the committed millionaire in “The Magic Bowl of Plenty”, are exquisite and engraved on the mind of audience. Her handsome appearance of Xiaosheng (role of young male) is distinguished and admirable, the audience is overwhelmed by the charm of her expressive eyes and rich voice.

    Production team

    Producer: Jung-Hui SUN
    Director: Lukas Hemleb
    Playwright: Po-Ang HSU, Fu-Ruei SUN
    Musical Score: Meng- Liang CHEN
    Stage Design: Yao-Chung WANG
    Actor: Shih-Pei SUN, Shih-Yung SUN, Ming-Yun SU, Kuan-Fei LIN and Li-Ya SUN


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