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    2017/09/02 (Sat) 19:30 

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    Buy tickets Chantiers d'Europe 2017 first local collaboration
    Taipei and Paris join hands and deconstruct politics

    Chantiers d'Europe is an event that showcases artists and companies come from countries that are under-represented on our stages. On the occasion of its 8th edition, the festival casts a look upon artistic production in Europe now that our continent is full of uncertainties and heckled by a severe social and moral crisis. Under such circumstances it's our duty to strongly reaffirm the leading role of the artists and of culture as well as our need to move forward by combining different approaches, cultural heritages and countries. We believe that Chantiers d’Europe is a highlight more than ever significant in order to look at Europe and to feel it in a new, different way but also in order to reassert the values we believe in.

    More events

    Free Forum

    Title In The Process of Creation: The Procedural Nature of Creation Within the Performing Arts
    Time 07/08(Sat) 13:30-15:00
    Venue Eslite Bookstore Dunnan Store B2
    SpeakerCheng-Ting CHEN/Theatre Designer and Performer
    Yi-Ting HUNG/Theatre Worker
    Yukio NITTA/Independent Producer


    Title Being Taiwanese──Textual Construction Workshop
    Time 07/18(Tue) 10:00-17:00
    07/19(Wed) 10:00-17:00
    07/20(Thu) 10:00-17:00
    Venue Multi-purpose Auditorium, Sun Yun-Suan Memorial Museum
    SpeakerLoo Hui Phang

    Taipei Arts Festival
    Théâtre de la Ville, France

    Théâtre de la Ville

    Established in 1862, this storied theatre has weathered not only the passage of time but also two world wars. After being subjected to countless name changes, it was finally awarded its current designation in 1968. It wasn’t until the late 70s that international recognition was achieved through the theatre’s courting of modern dance performances.

    Current director Emmanuel Demarcy-Mota has strived to solidify the theatre’s diverse and international approach. Under her direction many 20th century classics were reinterpreted focusing on a singular theme: the role in the individual in a collective society, this individual’s sense of responsibility, and their freedom of thought.


    Cheng-Ting CHEN

    Scenographer, theatre designer and performer.

    CHEN received her MA in scenography (Bühnenbild_Szenischer Raum) from TU Berlin and her BA in Theatrical Design and Technology from TNUA Taipei. Her set design works was twice selected for the WSD 2009 and 2017 Exhibition.

    In 2015 she established the dance platform "P_A_R_A_R / Immersive Performance Art” with choreographer Karina Suárez Bosche and Andrea Krohn, and she currently serves as visual and technical director. Their works have presented around Europe and in the Americas, as well as Taiwan and China. In the last two years Chen has gone a step further in her Space - Body - Material – experiments and started working on themes like people and environment, society, interactions and conflicts.

    Yi-Ting HUNG

    Theatre director, and writer. HUNG is a graduate of Taipei National University of the Arts School of Theatre Arts. She previously served as Executive Editor of the Pots Weekly and wrote a column for the performing arts edition of FHM. In 2013 she moved to Paris where she graduated from Conservatoire National Supérieur d'Art Dramatique and Université Paris-Nanterre. She currently holds concurrent posts as a member of Collectif Open Source, artistic director of OXYM, director of Boo-Way-Who, and a special reporter for Uni-Bread.

    Ricardo Neves-Neves

    Acting degree (ESTC-Lisbon) and a post graduate degree in Theatre Studies (FLUL-Lisbon). He participated at an international meeting of playwrights directed by Simon Stephens, in Spain.

    He is the founder of Teatro do Eléctrico, where he writes and directs his own plays and from other authors: Spiro Scimone, Martin Crimp, Mozart, Copi, Denis Lachaud, Victoriano Braga and Edward Albee.

    He wrote plays directed by Paula Sousa, Ana Lázaro, Mónica Garnel and Sandra Faleiro.

    As an actor, director, writer or teacher he worked with Primeiros Sintomas, Artistas Unidos, Teatro esfera, Teatro da Terra, Teatro de Aloés, Comédias do Minho, Revista Gerador, Cassefaz, Teatro O Bando, Procurar. Arte, Casa Conveniente and ACT.

    Published books: A Porta Fechou-se e a Casa Era Pequena (Companhia das Ilhas), Mary Poppins, a mulher que salvou o mundo (Artistas Unidos/Cotovia), Entraria Nesta Sala(TNDMII), thestageadaptationofA Christmas Carolby Charles Dickens (Teatro da Terra).

    Production team

    Director: Yi-Ting HUNG, Cheng-Ting CHEN, Ricardo Neves-Neves
    Actors: Agathe de Wispelaere, Alexandre Houy-Boucheny
    Stage Manager: Ping-Hsiang WANG
    Lighting Designer: Jiou-Fang PENG
    Video Technology: Yi-Ting CHUNG
    Rehearsal Assistant: Nien-Jie LIN
    Special thanks: Emanuel Santos, Ming-Chieh CHEN, Szu-Ni WEN, Yen-Fang YU

    Special Thanks To: 

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