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8/11(Fri.) 19:30(Post-discussion)
8/12(Sat.) 14:30、19:30
8/13(Sun.) 14:30(Post-discussion)
8/16(Wed.) 19:30(Post-discussion)
8/17(Thu.) 19:30(Post-discussion)
8/18(Fri.) 19:30
8/19(Sat.) 14:30、19:30(Video)
8/20(Sun.) 14:30


105 minutes without intermission.




In Mandarin with English surtitles in premiere.

8/16, 8/17 Performances are priced at 900 NTD.

From 6/21 Tainaner Ensemble members will enjoy a 15% discount.


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Buy tickets Pascal Rambert’s first time directing in Taiwan

Among poetry and a banquet, the living and their souls dance to a charming song.

In a pure white space with doors, windows and a table, a white hue is cast upon a family of six siblings who are preparing dinner together. This seemingly ordinary family gathering is an unusual beckoning of emotions. Everything feels familiar, yet peculiar and unsettling.

GHOSTs is a four-act-play that tells the story of six young siblings engaged in family rituals like cooking, dining, boozing and tea drinking, which Pascal Rambert transforms into a summoning of death and memory. Bit by bit, the siblings piece their family back together.

Combining poetry and the imagery of apparitions, GHOSTs uses a concise, compelling and fantastic form to present a family history that begins with absence, and a beautiful dialogue between the living and the dead.

More events

Free Forum

Title Making Room for Innovation in Traditional Opera
Time 07/02(Sun) 15:30-17:00
Venue Eslite Bookstore Dunnan Store B2
SpeakerBo-Shen LU/Tainaner Ensemble, Artistic Director
Fu-Rui SUN/Yi Shin Taiwanese Opera Troupe, Executive Director
Shih-Pei SUN/Yi Shin Taiwanese Opera Troupe, Influential Member

Tainaner Ensemble, Taiwan
Pascal Rambert, France

Tainaner Ensemble

Tainaner Ensemble was established in 1987. Under the leadership of the current artistic director, Po-Shen 
LU, Tainaner continues to expand its repertoire of "Western canon adaptations",、"Taiwanese originals"、"Contemporary Euro-American classics" and "Tsai Pao Chang’s works ‘, which not only displayed Tainaner’s enthusiasm towards cross-cultural praxis, but also its commitment in introducing the works of contemporary Taiwanese and foreign playwrights.


Director & Play Writer: Pascal Rambert

Rambert is one of France’s most important and versatile artists. He is a choreographer, director for both stage and screen, actor and writer. Rambert is prolific as he is versatile. In 2016, he wrote plays for both the Moscow Art Theatre and La Comedie Françaises, and a monologue for Isabelle Huppert. Many of Rambert’s works, such as Clôture de l’amour (Love’s End), have gained international success. Following its success at the 65th Festival d’Avignon in 2011, Clôture de l’amour was translated into twelve languages and performed in various countries. In addition, his plays, poetry, and novels have also been translated into multiple languages. In 2015, Rambert received the Émile-Augier prize from the Académie Française for his play, Répétition(Repetition).

Production team

Producer: Po-Shen LU
Director & Play Writer: Pascal Rambert
Translator: Ling-Chih CHOW
Assistant Director: Chen-yu HUANG
Actors: Pao-Chang TSAI, Ting-Yi CHU, Shao-Chun CHANG, Hao-Zhe LAI, Chih-Wei TSENG and Li LIU
Set & Light & Costume designer: Pascal Rambert
musical designer: Chih-Hao KO
Stage Manager: Hsian-Ting TENG
Technical Director: Chang-Ming NI
Set assistant: Ting-Yun WU
Light assistant: Jhih-Yi JHANG
Production Manager: Chi-Shun CHIANG
Marketing: Chi-Shun CHIANG, Chen-Feng CHUANG
Production Assistant: Xin-Yu NIAN
Accounting: Mei-Ling CHI
Special Thanks To: 

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