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    Outdoor Performance


    2017/08/18 (Fri) 19:30 


    100 minutes without intermission.




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    The man is already distant, but his works are timeless
    Hugh K. S. LEE Classic Comedy continues to delight city audiences

    Can Three Make It? was created by Hugh K. S. LEE in 1987. The play, inspired by an experimental comedy in which one performer plays multiple characters, is divided into six episodes, presenting the intertwined interpersonal relations as well as various funny and absurd phenomena in the urban lives through minimalist settings and props. At its premiere in 1988, two actors and one actress played a total of 30 characters with 397 punch lines of laughter. On the opening night, the performers took a bow and received a standing ovation from the audiences for as long as 5 minutes and 58 seconds, making a historical record. The play has been claimed as Lee's most creative classic comedy.
    In July 2013, LEE passed away, and his wife Moon WANG immediately announced to shut down the Ping-Fong Acting Troupe indefinitely.  Many audiences are disappointed with the announcement and  thus look forward to seeing the reproduction of LEE's classic works some day. In 2017, in celebration of the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the Ping-Fong Acting Troupe, LEE's top female disciple Yu-Tang HUANG pays homage to her mentor by reproducing his classic comedy Can Three Make It? 

    Liang-Tang Cultural and Creative Co., Ltd, Taiwan

    Ling-Tang Cultural and Creative Co., Ltd was established in 2016, jointly by Yu-Tang HUANG, the top female disciple of Hugh K. S. LEE, and well-known performer Liang-Che, with the concept of inheriting LEE's spirit in performing arts to create diversified works in TV, films, and theaters.
    Company Director Liang-Che, well-known performer and location host for TV programs, has benefitted from the instructions given by Hugh K. S. LEE in early days of his career. He has participated in many theater works and accumulated rich experiences in performing in TV dramas and location hosting.
    Artistic Director Yu-Tang HUANG has served as the deputy artistic director of the Ping-Fong Acting Troupe and theater director. She has also served as acting coach for many films and TV productions. Her influence reaches out to a wide range of fields, covering film and TV industries as well as the theater cultural circle.

    Production team

    Original Text and Director: Hugh K.S LEE
    Artistic Consultant: Moon WANG
    Artistic Director: Yu-Tang HUANG
    Producer: Yi-Shan CHEN
    Stagecraft Master: Szu-Peng LEE
    Stage Manager: Ai KUAN
    Cast: Te-Kang CHU, Shih-Mei TU and Yi-Feng CHIU
    Lighting Designer: Po-Hung SHEN
    Sound Designer: Yi CHANG
    Video Designer: Jen-Chun HUANG
    Executive Producer: Hsuan PENG and Pin-Yu CHEN
    Producer’s  Assistant: Hsiao-Fang LIN

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