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It’s been vigilant, It’s been restless; 
Now it’s taking flight, And it’s hitting the streets!

For the past four years, you’ve grown accustomed to a clunky and immobile TAF Booth; this year, we’ve instituted a revolutionary change: it’s wild, it’s mobile, and it’s on the run.

In addition to the original two mobile TAF booths, this year we’re not holding back on sending in reinforcements. From the period beginning Tuesday, May 23rd and lasting until Sunday, September 17th, Taipei Arts Festival invites you to take to the streets to track down the Arts Ticket Booth. Manned by performing arts veterans, the mobile TAF Booth will accompany us through this dazzling summer’s howling rain and blistering sun as we explore this city and its future together.

Special Promotions


If I’m not at home, I’m at the theatre.
If I’m not at the theatre, I’m definitely on my way there.

Two-ticket Discounts Lottery
To participate in the lottery, purchase two tickets or more in one transaction and try your luck right before checkout. The available discounts are 25% off, 20% off, 15% off and 10% off.

8 for 8
On July 8th, August 8th and Sept 8th, purchase two or more tickets in one go will receive an automatic 20% off on your ticket prices.

Film + Arts = Double Festival Promotion

Film x Arts
Bring three ticket stubs from 2017 Taipei Film Festival screenings to the National Theater and Concert Hall box office or TAF Booth to enjoy 15% off any Taipei Arts Festival performance.

Fringe + Arts
Bring one ticket stub from a 2017 Taipei Fringe Festival performance to the National Theater and Concert Hall box office or TAF Booth to enjoy 15% off any Taipei Arts Festival performance.

Fringe Artist Promotion
From July 1st to July 31st show your 2017 Taipei Fringe Festival artist pass at the National Theater and Concert Hall box office or TAF Booth to enjoy 15% off any  2 or more Taipei Arts Festival tickets purchase

  • Two-ticket Discounts Lottery is unavailable on July 8th, Aug 8th and Sept 8th 2017.
  • The aforementioned offers are only offered to those who purchase tickets through the TAF Booths.
  • The discount offers cannot be used in tandem.

Having Fun & Arts Together


Arts Ticket Booth, You’ve Been Here the Whole Time!

Take a selfie at the TAF Booth and post it publically on Facebook with the tag ‘#TAFBoothHereAllAlong’ and instantly receive a small token of our appreciation.

Dramatic Liberation!
Beginning in June, Taipei Arts Festival and Taipei Fringe Festival performers will take to the cityscape of Taipei with weekend performances at the TAF Booth. Performing under the summer sky they will liberate our performing spirits!

For detailed performance information please follow the official Facebook page: 藝票亭 臺北藝術節X臺北藝穗節.

Locations & Hours of Operation


May 23rd, 2017 to Sept 17th, 2017

Immobile Fortress

  • The Red House @ Ximen: Tuesdays – Sundays from 11:00 – 21:30 (closed Mondays) – regular operating hours during Dragon Boat Festival.
  • 2017 Sounds From The River Festival: June 17th to August 12th every Saturday from 15:00 at the riverside parts of Taipei
  • 2017 TFF Summer Nonstop: June 24th to July 9th at Taipei Zhongshan Hall.

This year, TAF Booth will be transcending the corporeal realm to take a stroll around the city. We’re told it will be visiting the following sacred places. For timely updates on appearances of the TAF Booth please closely follow the official Facebook page: 藝票亭 臺北藝術節X臺北藝穗節.

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