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Taipei Arts Festival 

Taipei Arts Festival has continuously demonstrated the value of artistic creativity since 1998. It is presented by Taipei City Government and co-organized by Taipei City Government Department of Cultural Affairs and Taipei Culture Foundation. The festival features a series of themed performances held in a variety of performance spaces throughout Taipei. A feature of the festival is the annual installation exhibition, which provides an opportunity for interpretation, presentation, and appreciation of theatrical performance for everyone to enjoy. It’s main idea is Taipei as a hub for international participation and not only introduces works of originality and creativity but also produces cross-genre performances, cultural exchange with other cities, supports promising artists, and establishes its status in the Chinese speaking world.​

Commissioner's Preface 

Italian writer Italo Calvino wrote in the classic Invisible Cities, "You take delight not in a city’s seven or seventy wonders, but in the answer it gives to a question of yours." The Taipei Arts Festival plays a vanguard role in the performing arts, ensuring audiences in this citycan always find a world of avant-garde and philosophy.

2017's 19th Annual Taipei Arts Festival hasthe theme The City and Its Future. Artists from around the world have been invited to use drama, music, dance, and multimedia theatre to explore the topics of history, philosophy, life and ethnicity, andby doing so, manifest the power of the performing arts. I look forward to this year’s festival inspiring us to, remember the city’spast,  observe its present, and imagine its future,together becoming the spirit and energy that Taipei cannot live without.

In its 19th year, Taipei Arts Festival not only exhibits attentiveness to culture and the uniqueness of issues covered, but also facilitates the extension of the wings of creation beyond the theatre to the city’s varied spaces. In addition to the performance venues we are all familiar with, this year’s immersive Remote Taipei will allow us to reacquaint ourselves with city adventures long forgotten. Transforming the streets of Taipei into a performance space,this program will haveaudience members journeying through lanes and alleys as it progresses.Furthermore, Taipei Arts Festival continues its investigation of new possibilities, from the fostering of native talent to international exchange, fromthe revisiting of classic works to welcoming innovation in performance form. We are excited for each new moment, whichwe hope willinspire a new reaction from our audiences.

This summer, we cordially invite the city's residents to step into the theatre and each event space. From roaming, to exploration and perception, let us collectively participate in the city and its future development. I look forwardto us entering a dialogue with time, the past and the future, and experiencing the beauty of the city.

Yung-Feng CHUNG
Commissioner, Department of Cultural Affairs, Taipei City Government

Message from
Artistic Director 

This is my sixth year curating the Taipei Arts Festival. From the moment I accepted this appointment, I've wanted for nothing more than for our programs to be synchronized with the rest of the world. All of the new works and new ideas, widely debated around the world’s major cities, should also be immediately available for viewing in Taipei. Much like each major metropolis erects an international airport to connect itself to immediate and distant neighbors, the arts festival functions as an international hub of culture, connecting a city'sresidents to other artistic traditions. Each arts festival, whether it is a Biennale or a film festival or anything else, by its nature attempts to create a place where audiences can locally experience the trends of creation around the world.

The other implication of the word synchronization is that Taipei also provides to the world works which inspire discussion and solicit festival invitations. I think with the 2017 Taipei Arts Festival we've reached that ideal bilateral synchronization. In addition The Wooster Group's THE B-SIDE staging it's world premiere at this year's festival, Taipei is currently serving as a base for French artist Loo Hui Phang's work-in-progress Outside, consequently establishing Taipei as a city which serves as the foundation for the development of international artistic works. Furthermore
Oriza Hirata and Pascal Rambert's new works, tailor-made for Taipei, will soon have the potential to tour internationally.

This year's curatorial theme is "City, and Its Future". The theme is reflected not only in the content of the programs — the best example of this approach is Rimini Protokoll's work Remote Taipei— but also in every kind of international collaboration which mimics and replicates the diverse exchanges that takes place in cities themselves. The joint venture with Paris' Théâtre de la Villeto support youth artists by establishing Théâtre de la Ville/Chantiersd'Europe 2017 in Taipei, and Manchester's FutureEverything Festival and Taiwan's innovative team collaborative exhibition Positively Charged, are both cross-metropolitan creations whoseconception and implementation was driven by this spirit of exchange.

With the world in your heart, the local becomes international.

Artistic Director, Taipei Arts Festival
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